Apple WWDC 2020 Special Event Keynotes: Major Announcements

Apple WWDC 2020 Special Event Keynotes: Major Announcements

Apple WWDC 2020 Special Event Keynotes: Major Announcements

Apple’s WWDC 2020 was unique before it even began. It’s the first time Apple’s developer conference has been streamed exclusively online with no in-person event.  Apple WWDC 2020 event was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Techno Impact walked through each moment in our live blog, featuring commentary by Veer on the latest version ios 14.

Apple Details ios14, Its Next Major Software Update

Apple gave the first look at iOS 14, the new update coming to iPhones later this year. The outstanding change comes in the form of widgets that you can place on the home screen anywhere. It’s like if Apple Watch apps invaded the iPhone home screen —if truth be told its big deal that changes the look of the iOS software. Apple is debuting these new widgets in various shapes and sizes, and the initiative is that you’ll be able to have more data-rich info on your home screen. If you want more, you’ll be able to get them through the Widget Gallery on your phone with the new ios 14 version.

It is also adding App Library, a new feature that robotically organizes apps based on their categories. It seems great for speedily accessing apps that usually live outside of the first or second page.

Picture-in-picture is coming to iOS 14. If you scroll or swipe away your screen while watching a full-screened video, the window will float on your home screen amazingly, allowing you to resize and move the video up and down to screen. PiP isn’t a marvelous unique feature, but Apple is making it it’s own by letting you minimize the PiP into a small button on the side of the screen. That way, you don’t have to exit the video if you watching and you need to look at the whole screen for a moment.

  1. Widgets on the Home Screen

    Redesigned Widgets to give information at a glance. With different sizes available widgets to the home screen.

  2. App Library

    1. It will Organize apps into a simple, easytonavigate view to a category by sort and get the frequently used apps at a click.

  3. Group Conversations Features

    1. iOS 14 comes up with quite a lot of unique ways to ensure connectivity improves and keeping track of group conversations records.

  4. Pinned Messages

    1. Everyone will love this feature, don't miss out on any important information with the ability to pin messages for up to contacts for easy recall of any messages.

  5. Group photos

    while choosing an emoji Give group conversations a visual identity by adding a photo or Memoji.

  6. Mentions

    easily and smoothly type a direct message by typing a name. This feature will highlight names in the conversation. Option to customize settings in such a simple way that you receive from an active group only when your name is mentioned.

  7. Memoji styles and stickers based on age options- super feature for the young generation

    This time Twenty new emojis reflecting on age options and headwear styles to reflect a hobby, job, and personality.

  8. Cycling Routes

    Good news for all cycling enthusiasts. For all healthy users Get new cycling directions in Maps to know about streets and its business and know the stairs possibility along with the route.

  9. The apple watch will track dancing in Watch0s7

    The workout app uses the Apple Watch’s gyroscope and accelerometer, mix with heart rate data, to track all range of dance types. This is a workout type that no other company has figured out yet, so we’re curious to see how this turns out.

  10. Developer API

    Software Developers can build widgets with a new API to leverage and redesigned widgets that let them take advantage of the redesigned widgets and put them on the home screen.

  11. Siri gets Compact

    Siri gets a solid design essentially to check the information on the screen and launch your next task or project. The minute you type a request on-screen, Siri appears at the bottom of the screen from nowhere just like a notification to give all your search information in a smooth and compact layout.

  12. Voice Translation

    Apple has come up with a new translation app, called Translate to facilitate the synchronized translation between two different languages. An iPhone with a translate app provides an Advanced level of on-device intelligence that allows translation from one language to another. An app that provides the translation in the target language in audio. Languages that have been downloaded can be translated without internet connection and provides translation without internet connectivity. So amazing!

  13. Augmented Reality (AR)

    ARKit: Location Anchors: Now get views of selected favorite places across the globe with ARKit Location Anchors. AR experiences can be placed at specified geographic coordinates along with different cities and landmarks in the globe.

  14. Apple is debuting Digital Car Key, Coming in IOS 13 and 14

    Apple introduced a new way to unlock and start your car, well, just the BMW 5 Series for now. You can register a key in your Apple Wallet, and when you walk up to a supported car, you’ll unlock it via NFC, then start the engine once your phone is resting on a pad. What’s so cool – What’s so cool, The keys are stored on-device, and it can be deleted from the cloud if you need to.

iOS14 Compatibility:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPod touch (7th generation)

Apple Finally says Goodbye to Intel for its own Chips

This news is expected to change the whole performance of Apple device Mac. While iPhones, iPad, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs use Apple’s own chips, it is not the same for Mac. Apple has finally said goodbye to Intel chips and will be using its own chips. Macs in upcoming will use Apple’s own chips to run iPhone and iPad software. Dubbed by Tim Cook as “leap forward” this step will have a major impact on the performance of Mac with less power.

Final words

These Apple WWDC 2020 Event announcements will likely change iOS app development is like chalk and cheese ways. Stay tuned to the Techno Impact blog section for more updates on iOS.

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