Hire Techno Impact Specialist Magento Developers

Hire Techno Impact Specialist Magento Developers

[la_heading alignment=”left” title=”Hire Techno Impact Specialist Magento Developers.”]Hire Techno Impact specialist Magento developers who will work as your extended team. Our experienced web developers can understand your important requirements better, be a part of your company and custom make applications as per your exact requirements. Hire Techno Impact specialist Magento developers who will work as your extended team. Our experienced web developers can understand your important requirements better, be a part of your company and custom make applications as per your exact requirements.[/la_heading][la_heading alignment=”left” title=”What to Expect From Us”]Techno Impact delivers custom-built, high-quality e-commerce web apps based on your unique requirements that are interactive and scalable, on time and within budget.[/la_heading][la_heading alignment=”left” title=”What We Do”]OurMagento 2 is a superior platform and a significant upgrade to Magento 1.X.
It has a streamlined architecture and offers new features,opportunities and innovations.[/la_heading][la_heading alignment=”left” title=”Hassle free Migration.” title_color=”#df271d”]From server, integrations, orders to customer migration – we handle everything. You just provide the access.[/la_heading][la_heading alignment=”left” title=”Integrations Welcomed” title_color=”#df271d”]Human communication is hard, we know. Systems on the other hand communicate seamleassy. We can assist with your ERP and API integrations[/la_heading][la_heading alignment=”left” title=”Architectural Engineering” title_color=”#df271d”]Business Analysis, Design, UX/UI, WCAG, Development, Integration, Testing, Deployment, Support will be our responsability.[/la_heading]

Want to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 without breaking anything?
We’re a professional certified team specialised in Magento development that can help you do this hassle free.
We handle server, order and customer migration + any exotic integration your business might depend on so you can continue on the new and improved Magento 2.

[la_heading alignment=”left” title=”Why Hire Techno Impact Expert Magento Development Team”][/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Save Time and Money” title_color=”#df271d”]Hiring Webential’s Magento development team will go a long way in saving you time, money and other operational expenses that are involved with in-house development.[/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Specialist Team” title_color=”#df271d”]Experienced and specialist web development professionals will work on your project, delivering you high-quality work at very affordable rates.[/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Customizing Magneto” title_color=”#df271d”]Our expert Magento development team focuses on applying and customizing Magento themes based on your unique requirements. [/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Get in Touch” title_color=”#df271d”]We guarantee transparency! All through the project implementation, from start to finish, our development team will remain in touch with you continually.[/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Numerous Clients” title_color=”#df271d”]We have the expertise and the knack of working with numerous clients, based all over the globe; for instance, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE etc to name a few.[/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Unhidden Fees” title_color=”#df271d”]There aren’t any hidden fees.[/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Project Implementation” title_color=”#df271d”]Excellent project implementation and project management.[/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Provide the Source Code” title_color=”#df271d”]We provide real-time and full access to the source code.[/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Client Satisfaction” title_color=”#df271d”]We keep our customers happy by guaranteeing client satisfaction all through the processes.[/la_heading]
[la_heading alignment=”left” title=”Support to Clients”]We provide continued support to all of our clients even after the project is successfully delivered.
if you want to upgrade your Magento e-commerce site to
Magento 2 or want to build it from scratch,call us on
or press the “Get a Free Quote” button and fill our quick online web form.[/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h4″ alignment=”left” title=”3 Top Reasons for Upgrading to Magento 2″][/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Get Official Support” title_color=”#df271d”]The first and foremost reason is Magento 1 will no longer get official support from Magento from June 2020.[/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Supported in PHP 7.x” title_color=”#df271d”]Magento 2 supports the latest PHP 7.x, which enhances the overall site speed[/la_heading][la_heading tag=”h6″ alignment=”left” title=”Meta Tag Functions” title_color=”#df271d”]In addition to the user-friendly dashboard and cleaner coding, Magento 2 provides Meta Tag functions for better SEO, which wasn’t there in Magento 1.[/la_heading]
[la_heading tag=”h4″ title=”Major Difference between Magento 1 & Magento 2″][/la_heading]
Magento 1.0+ Magento 2
Magento 1 supports the older PHP versions that are comparatively slower. Magento 2 supports the latest PHP 7.x versions and includes security enhancements that boost the store’s speed.
The directory structure is large and more intricate. The directory structure is compact & concise.
There aren’t any coding standards in place. It has the best practices for PHP and JavaScript and Zend framework coding standards. PHP Standard Recommendation (PSR) compliance.
Modest code testing facilities are only available. Code testing suite feat operational, integration, JS, performance, static and unit.
The view layer is intricate – MVC (Model-View-Controller). With Magento UI library, front-end customizations are effortless.
Stubborn admin GUI with modest customization options. Adaptable data grids, drag and drop reordering, custom views & configurable columns for better control.
Customers can checkout once they register, but the process is long. Though guest checkout is available, it doesn’t work smoothly. Guest checkout option works like a charm (with email recognition) for purchasing ease.

Right away talk to us about your project. We guarantee you to deliver the best experience on your project.

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