Hybrid or Native mobile application, Choose wisely

Hybrid or Native mobile application, Choose wisely

Hybrid or Native mobile application, Choose wisely

Understand your mobile development option for IOS and Android

What is Native application

Native application is a program or software which has been developed to perform some specific task on various platform. Applications are developed on the unique code base for each platform the app will work on–Android or iOS.

Like Android app built up kit of Java Development on java platform. iOS app built using iOS SDK, Swift, and Objective C. Similarly, .NET required for Windows platform.

What is Hybrid Application

Hybrid apps are same as likely to native apps because they can be downloaded from the app store platform. It can get access to all of the features platform of the native. Also, it has a close performance to a native app.

Why a native app?

Graphical Applications, HD games, intensive animation application might execute well as a native app because for HTML and Javascript native code is still faster. Native has still edge because WebGL Standards helps browser and for gaming apps to meet performance. Time-consuming and high-cost development are conceptualization.If one has to hire two partial teams and double the estimated period for development. One will get significantly higher performance for native apps by Owing to its tight integration with the device.

Advantages of Native App Development

  • Flawless performance
  • Great Ux/UI
  • Good interaction with a device
  • Security & reliability
  • Integration features
  • Ability to operate offline
  • Up to date SDK

Native App Development Tools & Technologies

  • SDK (software development kit), a predetermined set of dev tools
  • IDE (integrated development background)
  • SDK (software development kit)
  • Android OS

Why a Hybrid App?

Hybrid App is generally based on web technologies, so the same app can be run on browser like another different website can be run as Progressive Web App(PWA).The main reason of why most of the user need the hybrid app because Hybrid app builds and maintain separate app and code for each platform. Also, it can achieve the very same hardware base performance acceleration as likely to a native app. Thus it is Single code base for each platform means write once and run anywhere.

Advantages of Hybrid App Development

  • Quicker development
  • Easier development
  • Flexible UX/UI development
  • Cost efficient

The decision to select hybrid or native is based on finish goals and status of the organization. Use the cause, quality, creation, and environment of the application. I hope you like this article and can choose the right approach.

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