Is Flutter – The first big thing in mobile app development

Flutter is a sizzling topic, the framework which took attention - No one thought would be interesting from its opening stages. Flutter was very first introduced in the market In the year 2017 which started as a cross-platform toolset. Like Android, Chrome OS flutter beta also gained mammoth flexibility worldwide, Most important Google to launch the steady version- Flutter 1.0.

Flutter is one of the most promising mobile app development frameworks of 2019, which empowers a flat and easy cross-stage portable application improvement. With the launch of Flutter 1.0, several mobile app development companies look forward to using it to build native-like user experiences for cross-platform mobile apps by just using single codebase.

Why choose Flutter?

App owner viewpoint the benefit of using flutter is it speeds up the progression of development, reduces the production outlay of the app and helps the team to assemble a beautiful app with animations. Take your look at the points listed below

Single Codebase

As flutter has an individual widgets, it is not dependent relative on any other platforms which gives a prospect to make a differentiation between the two apps. Flutter uses a single code for two applications which is beautiful and it helps to code on both Android and iOS stages.

Quick Development

Developer individual flutter means faster and dynamic app development process. Any changes in the code can be done directly in the append lets right away see the results that’s why it is called Hot reload.

UI Facts

Flutter has all event-driven UI and the components are moderately different which helps developers rivet faster development and build any tricky UI using these widgets.

Best for MVP

If any vision of the app requires to be shown to investors or want to develop in lesser time the bet provision would be to develop in a flutter.

2018 completed with Google making Flutter with Beta stage and enter in the market as Flutter 1.0 for the world of developers to work around and for a number of businesses to add in their app’s tech stack with the promise of greater nativeness and advanced performance – in the Flutter Live Event.

And after just two months later, in February, the now loved cross-platform framework was strengthened with the initiate launch of Flutter 1.7 and Dart 2.2.

Hot Reload
fast development
screen reader
quick rendering
cross platform
flutter goes native
open source & free
themes for android & ios

Let's come on fuchsia...

What makes fuchsia so exclusive!! fuchsia has the ability to run on any CPU architecture. It is based on their own microkernel called Zircon which they claim is able to run on embedded systems, Smartphone's, desktops, and more. If Fuchsia this could change how we interact with our devices as if they use the similar OS they could simply be highly linked together.

The stable updates created by Flutter framework ever since it has been made live in December are adequate to symbolize how solemn Google is about the framework and what it wants the iOS and Android mobile app developers and businesses worldwide with each sector plan on achieving through its association.

Now Flutter is all set to be used by mobile app developers in low complexity apps and prototyping, if not today, Flutter is becoming the start-ups and enterprises first choice.

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